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Confidential Life Insurance

Confidential Life Insurance Failure to SurviveLife Insurance without someones knowledge

If you have a legal written contract between yourself and another person you can obtain a life insurance plan on the other person WITHOUT their knowledge.

Plans start at $100,000 up to $20 Million or more of coverage.

These plans are one-year contracts, subject to review, in order to renew.

Full premium payment must be made to put the policy in force.

Who would want such a plan?

Personal and Business Loans
Venture Capitalists, relying on a key person
Sponsors with celebrity sponsors
Talent Agents who may need to protect their income against death of a client
Divorce or alimony order, issued by a judge, the ex-spouse can get a policy on their ex.

Remember, you cannot get a policy unless there is a legal written contract and financial justification.

Underwriting is fast, generally 2 or 3 working days. You will be asked several questions in regards to the insurability of the proposed insured.

Exclusions of the plan are death by:

Private Pilot


War Zone



Drug/alcohol abuse

Full details are in the downloadable brochure.

Give us a call and we can have a confidential discussion about your needs. We are licensed agents for Petersen International Underwriter, a coverholder for Lloyd’s of London.

Our toll-free number is 888-636-2310.

NOTE: This plan is not available in the following States:


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