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Disability Insurance for Chiropractors

Chiropractors Disability Insurance PlansTraditional disability insurance carriers often overlook the high income earning field. Financial and government statistics state that someone needs about 65% of their current monthly income in order to survive. This is fine for most but what about the high-income earner , such as a Chiropractor?

Not having adequate protection can lead to financial ruin.

We represent supplemental disability plans for chiropractors,  that will allow participation limits of up to 75% for personal liability and up to 100% for business use.

These are supplemental plans that stack onto your existing plan. If you do not have a primary plan in place, we can assist you with finding a primary plan. We can then add the supplemental plan and get you to the 65% income level.

Although supplemental plans are not designed as a primary plan, you may have been turned down for a primary plan because of:

Health Impairments
High Net Worth
Inconsistent income
Hours worked per week
High-Risk Avocation
Family Business
Senior Age

The underwriters at Petersen International, a coverholder for Lloyd’s of London, can custom tailor a plan that can carve out certain avocations, health impairments etc.

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