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Executive Disability Insurance Plans

High Limit plans for Personal UseHigh Income disability insurance

For the highly compensated executive, having the right amount of disability insurance can be a challenge. Most carriers will put a cap on a percentage or payout amounts.

Financial advisors agree that 65% of one’s current income is the requirement for someone to maintain their current lifestyle. If your current carriers do not offer this amount you need to seek out other carriers who will offer these higher limits. We represent those carriers.

Remember, if your employer is paying for your disability insurance plan, your benefits will be taxable. Most employer based plans do not include bonus or commission income and they will be based solely on your salary. High limit disability insurance plans can offer up to 65% of current income and up to $250,000 a month of compensation.

These personal plans are yours and are portable in the event you change jobs. The monthly benefit amount is tax-free vs your employer paid plan that can only offer benefits as taxable income.

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