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Personal Disability Insurance

Supplemental / Excess for Self Employed and Employed Individuals

Self Employed Disability InsuranceDisability can happen anytime to anyone. Consider that most financial experts agree that you will need about 65% of your current income to survive in the event of a disability.

Self Employed Disability Plans

If you are Self Employed getting a disability insurance plan is mandatory to protect your income. If you have your primary plan in place but it does not meet your income needs, and leaves you underinsured, then you have come to the right place.

Most financial advisors agree that you will need about 65% of your current monthly income in order to survive during a disability period.

We offer a high limit supplemental plan for the Self Employed person. If you just put your primary plan in-force ( We can help if you do not have a current plan) we can add the supplemental plan without the need of another medical exam. 

If you have been declined by a traditional carrier our plans can work with following situations that most traditional carriers would decline:

Your current age
Inconsistent monthly income
Hazardous occupation or avocation
Hours worked

We can say Yes while other carriers may say no. High Limit plans of up to $250K per month. Lump Sum payout rider, at the end of 5 years, should you not be able to return to your Own occupation.

Supplemental Plans for Employed Individuals

Executive Disability Insurance

If you are a highly compensated employee, you already know that your current employer paid DI plan probably does not provide adequate protection.

Taking into account that your DI income would be taxable, does not include bonus or commissions, you should consider a supplemental plan that can fill the 65% income gap.

As is the case with DI plans that you own, they are portable.

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