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Professional Athlete Disability Insurance

We can cover most professional sports athletes.

17729160_mlA major concern for any athlete is an injury. Because of this high-risk occupation/avocation, traditional carriers will not consider plans for athletes. This is where the Petersen Professional Athlete Disability plan comes into play.

Take The Case Of…

After the college football season ends, players are either entering the NFL draft or choosing to stay in school for another year. Both these groups can benefit from the insurance solutions.Players that are entering the draft now who are projected to sign very large contracts are starting to spend the money that they do not have. They are getting loans from banks or their player agents are buying them cars, houses, motorcycles, etc. We can insure both life and disability to cover the loans that they are taking out. We can also provide our Draft Protection coverage to cover the contracts that they hope to sign.

For players returning to college for another year, we can provide coverage through our Draft Protection Plan from now through the next draft. Most college players need to get a bank loan to pay for the premium of the Draft Protection Plan in which banks require life insurance which can be covered by our Bank Loan Contingent Life Plan.

I represent plans for professional sports, such as:

Football (draft protection plans)

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