Apply and Get Insured

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Here is an overview of the entire life insurance process:

1. Run quotes and review  to ensure that the plan meets your needs.

2. Fill out an application We can do this over the phone and/or signatures can usually be done by an e-signature process.

3. Review other carrier requirements – Depending on the plan, the underwriter will need to see certain contracts and financial justification documents. Some plans will require a medical exam.

4. UnderwritingOnce all information has been submitted to the carrier we enter the underwriting period. Our plans are designed to be underwritten quickly. However, if certain financial documents are requested it is up to you get these as soon as possible. 

5. Get approved – You will sign an acknowledgement of the policy and make a plan payment. Congratulations, you are now insured.

Bumps in the road– They happen. If we need to review the underwriting criteria and look for other options, then we will facilitate that process.