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Trusted Partners

High Income Protection provides disability insurance and specialty life insurance products to individuals and businesses.  While many of you who visit this site have one of those needs, we do receive inquiries from people looking for other types of coverage.

In an effort to be focused only on our area of expertise, we refer those prospective clients to our strategic partners.  These alliances are with agents who have proven to provide the same expert, unbiased advice that you expect from the High Income Protection Insurance Agency.

We do not share revenue nor are we compensated in any way from these relationships.  They are simply “the best of the best” in their respective insurance categories.

Please visit their websites to initiate contact or simply reach out to us and we’ll have the appropriate agency contact you.

High-Risk Life Insurance

We specialize in getting approvals for many risks not involving health.  For those looking for life insurance who have health conditions, look no further than Jimmy McMillan at Heart Life Insurance.

Jimmy specializes in difficult to place life cases, providing his clients with critical coverage at a time in their lives where they are very difficult to insure.  His several years of experience allow him to drill down and find carriers likely to approve specific health conditions, often when other agents have failed to secure his clients’ coverage.

If you have a health condition and have been told you can’t get insurance, you’ve been rated, or even declined, then reach out to Jimmy.  Getting any coverage for your family, even a small amount,  is paramount, and he can help.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Purchasing a new home, vacation property, or even a rental requires taking on an enormous amount of debt.  What would happen should one of the family breadwinners pass away?

Randy at Buy Mortgage Protection can help mitigate this risk.  His primary business is helping individuals protect one of their largest assets, their real estate. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or you own multiple properties, insuring those properties against the death of those who pay the mortgage is critical.

If you have a home or property and want to make sure that a mortgage will never make you sell due to premature death, then reach out to Randy’s agency today.