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Special Risk Insurance

Special Risk Insurance

Not all insurance situations are the same.  Some people, due to occupation, necessary high limits and face amounts, net worth, health, or even avocations, can be very difficult to insure and require special risk insurance.

Situations that require a specific, customized plan are our specialty. While other insurance companies, agencies and agents may say no to a person who is difficult to insure, we can say yes.

special risk insurance

Our offering of special risk plans include the following:

Kidnap and Ransom – Guard against financial loss.

Brand Protection – Is someone famous representing your brand? Protect yourself against their death, disability, or disgrace

Confidential Failure to Survive – Take a policy out on someone without their knowledge. Contract protection only.

Business Loan Failure to Survive – Need a plan in place quickly? This is the plan for you. It is typically used while in underwriting with another carrier.

Buy-Sell Failure to Survive – Two or more owners in a business? Health problem with a partner? Fund your buy/sell agreement

Key Person Failure to Survive – Protect yourself against death or disappearance of key employees.

As you can see, there are numerous special risk insurance policies designed to protect you or your business from catastrophic financial loss.  These plans are for unique situations.

In addition to protecting individuals and businesses from “black swan” type events, we offer traditional insurance coverage as well.  Our mission is to provide expert, unbiased advice in helping an individual protect their income.  The two most efficient plans to start this risk management process are individual disability insurance and term insurance.

Once your personal income protection plan is in place, we can begin to focus on some of the more alternative coverage types.  Please note that if you do own a business, protecting that business for any number of contingencies is of the utmost importance and should be considered immediately when discussing your risk management strategy.

Contact us today for a confidential consultation.  You can provide your information via the quote form to the left or just call us at 888-636-2310.