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5 Tips for Buying Disability Insurance Online

Disability insurance is a complex product.  Buying disability insurance online is possible and is happening more each day.  However, there are a few key factors to look for when purchasing an insurance product through a website or over the phone.  If you have questions or would like a quote on a disability insurance policy, please contact us today.

Buying Disability Insurance Online

Today there isn’t much you can’t buy online.  From household supplies to high-end vehicles, almost everything is available to search, shop, and purchase through the internet, all from the comfort of your living room.  Buying disability insurance online is accessible as well.

We also manage a lot of our financial lives through our web browsers.  We bank, invest, monitor credit, and perform a myriad of tasks from our computers.  Life insurance, especially term insurance, is being purchased online more than ever before.  However, what about more complex products, can they be bought online too?


With a few caveats…

Do Your Homework

SOURCE) since that would exhaust your savings.

With that understanding,  your agent could design a policy to address those specific objectives which could theoretically be accomplished through detailed emails.

When buying disability insurance online, make sure you’re communicating with your agent about the policy you want.

Make Sure Your Agent Is Independent

About Raymer Malone, CFP®
About Raymer Malone, CFP®

Raymer Malone, CFP® is principal and owner of www.highincomeprotection.com, an online insurance agency that specializes in disability insurance.  Ray has been in financial services since 1998 and has been life and health licensed since 2004. He started his company to help consumers get access to disability insurance products online and to provide them with the proper direction in selecting a policy. Ray resides in Lake Tahoe, NV with his wife and two children.

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